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Housekeeping: Ch-ch-changes, Material Ones At That!

Greetings, capital market servants. How's your Thursday? Good? Great.

It may have come to your attention, on Twitter or elsewhere, that our resident tattooed wench has been elevated to the position of Managing Editor of this here site. And it's true! After years of working 2-hour days and filling in for me during my infrequent escapes and inevitable recaptures, I'm happy to report that Adrienne has joined us full-time and will be your master of ceremonies here on a daily basis. I expect you'll show her all the respect that a someone who has never taken the CPA exam deserves.

Now, what that means is she'll be doing the majority of the posting here, so be good sports and drop her a line with your tips and story suggestions. It also means you'll probably see more cats and pictures of Ben Bernanke and/or Janet Yellen.

If the Ben/Jan/cat pics get out of hand, you can write me with your concerns. You see, I'll still be around to give you the morning reading list and the occasional post but I'll just be spending a little more time terrorizing the readers at AccountingWEB. (I can always use some extra help, so come hang out and rattle the cages over there if you need a break from the tabbies.) 

It's been fun keeping you mildly enterained for the past four years, but TPTB have decided that I didn't have enough work to do and made me Editor-in-Chief of Sift Media. The job comes with 10 weeks of vacation, so I couldn't really pass up the chance to waste even more PTO, could I?  

Anyway, I'll do my best not to ruin everything.  

Thanks for your continued support of Going Concern.