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Here’s a Textbook Case of Dumb People Engaging in Illicit Sexting Spiraling into Extortion, Embezzlement

Where exactly does "sexting extortion" fall on the fraud triangle, anyway?

In today's sordid tale of embezzlement gone wrong, we present Shelly Lough of West Virginia. Shelly worked as a Bethany College cashier before a single misdirected text turned her whole life upside down.

Usually, the recipient of a text not intended for their number says "who is this?" if they respond at all. But when Jason Weese of Ohio "accidentally" texted Shelly, somehow this (inevitably?) turned into an exchange of racy texts and sexts and various pics of naked body parts flying across the digital abyss.

After a few months of this, Shelly had enough of her little sexting fling and called it off with Jason. Normally, this is where the jilted "lover" takes to a revenge porn site but instead, Jason recruited his wife to extort Shelly out of a lot of money that wasn't hers in order to keep the "affair" secret from her husband.

What happened next is a little unbelievable, because you have to wonder how someone thinks they will get away with stealing $1 million from their employer and not get caught. So now, not only does Shelly's husband know she was sending nasty texts to a dude she had never met, but he also knows she's not too bright.

Long story short, Bethany used her access to staff and student checks to falsify records and met Jason 15 times to trade the stolen cash for evidence of their tryst including cell phones and digital drives.

Read the whole story at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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