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Footnotes: Study Finds Criminal Auditors Charge More; Ban the Dollar; Pizza Party? | 03.05.14

Would you pay $499 for a device that turns "water" into $20 wine? Jesus not required [HuffPo]

For those of you who partake in Lent: don't give up selfies, just be sure to ashtag them [WSJ]

Winklevoss twins use bitcoin to book space trip on Virgin Galactic [NY Daily News]

GE's CEO has been forced to take a painful pay cut of 7%, leaving him with just $19.2 million to scrape by [WaPo]

Frauds or fibs? Ex-Jefferies trader's fraud case goes to jury [Reuters]

Want to ban Bitcoin? You should probably ban dollars while we're at it [Congressman Jared Polis]

Tempers flare after Lois Lerner declines to testify about IRS targeting [Federal Eye via WaPo]

Stanford took back Mathew Martoma’s MBA, but not because of his insider trading conviction [Poests & Quants]

What's happening here? [Twitter]

Bank of England Suspends Worker as Currency Inquiry Expands [DealBook]

Drunk, Hungry Couple Tries to Burn Down Pizza Place With Moonshine [Gawker]