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Here’s a Depraved Non Sequitur (Still Related to Accountants) for Your Wednesday Afternoon Enjoyment

It's late on a Hump Day in May and people seem sleepy, so how about a non sequitur, courtesy of Drew Magary at Deadspin: 

I do think there would be something morbidly fascinating about being able to see the porn viewing habits of people you know. Like seeing another person's iPod library. Would you think differently of your accountant if you knew he was into spider bondage porn? YOU WOULD.

Now, for those of you that are into spider bondage porn, let it be known that Adrienne and I will certainly not judge you, but "think differently" of you? Yes, I imagine we both would peer over our glasses at you and think, "No way…Tax Manager Steve? Didn't know you had it in you."

From that day forward, I'd picture Tax Manager Steve with leather rope and dressed like the Gimp from Pulp Fiction. He'd still be sitting in a beige cubicle in front of two monitors with elaborately designed spreadsheets, but then throughout the day Tax Manager Steve would rise from his seat to get water from the breakroom and only then would I realize he was wearing assless chaps. [shudder]

Your clients would be another matter entirely. Not sure it would reach the point of you being removed from a team, but people would definitely think twice before asking you any questions about, well, ANYTHING. Unless of course, you were such a brilliant mind and the relationship proved quite lucrative for both of you over the years, then I imagine your personal business would be just that because, well, you're filthy rich, and of course you would do something like that.  

If you suspect colleagues of kinky behavior are you secretly judging them? Or just waiting for them to invite you to a party? Discuss.

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