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Here Are Two More Brackets Accountants Can Enjoy

As you may have heard, it's bwacket season and there are many fine tournaments going on that don't exploit the athletic talents of young men and women, not least among them, our own #BusySeasonProblems bracket.

For those of you that just can't get enough, we heartily recommend two more:

1) BYU's Tournament Using Accounting Research Rankings — Professor David Wood has been sending us this tournament since 2010 and despite the fact that Texas wins nearly every year, it's still interesting to see which schools have the most prolific profs.   

2) Tony Nitti's Ultimate Tax Nerd Bracket, FFS — That's my name for this monstrosity. I kid you not, this bracket is a battle of the best section of the Internal Revenue Code. The regions are: Glenshaw Glass Co., Crane v. Commissioner, Indopco, and Bausch & Lomb.  §351, §368, §1368, and §721 are your #1 seeds. Those are correct and not up for debate. Sweet fancy Moses, this is a nerdy bracket. Here's the blank version for those of you have nothing better to do.

NCAA Tournament Simulated Using Accounting Research Rankings [BYU]
Take The Tax Bracket Challenge: Which Is The Best Code Section Of Them All? [Forbes]