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Footnotes: Adding Up Deductions, Counting Taxes and Other Things You Have Little Interest in Doing | 10.17.12

How Much Revenue Would a Cap on Itemized Deductions Raise? [TaxVox]

British bankers bitching about accounting. [Guardian]

IRS Never Told Taxpayers They Could Get Penalty Relief [AT]

Obama uttered "taxes" 38 times last night. Mitt Romney said it 31 times. [WSJ]

Man Arrested in Plot to Blow Up Federal Reserve Bank [NYT]

Jeffrey Diermeier succeeds John Brennan as the chair of the Financial Accounting Foundation. [AT via Rick Telberg]

The Right Way to Increase Taxes Carried interest is labor income, not investment income, and it’s not as mobile as financial capital. Few New York-based fund managers will give up United States citizenship and move permanently to Singapore just to avoid paying tax on carried interest. [DealBook]

Mother, Breastfeeds Dog To 'Feel Complete' [HP (Slightly NSFW)]

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