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Here Are Your Remaining Open Items For the Week

Starting today, we're going to pull the best from Friday's Open Items thread, forget all about the remaining nasty things that were said and start fresh. We're doing this because it's difficult to weed out the trolling, "where is the forum?" comments and the rest of the noise to get to the good stuff: you guys giving one another smart advice on how to get filthy rich in the exciting world of accounting and live happily ever after.

Our first inquiry:

Can anyone explain how E&Y is different from the other big 4? Looking for a real answer 🙂

Note, if any recruiters or shills see an opportunity to talk up how fantastic EY is and how much everyone else sucks, don't. That's been tried and it didn't work the first time. Everyone else welcome to chip in.

Second, someone please give this poor sap some suggestions before he starts calling sole proprietors that work out of strip malls looking for a job:

I know recruiting season is already over and the apply online and LinkedIn strategy did not work. My next plan is to start calling recruiters directly. Can one of you, B4/GT/BDO peeps, provide some advice?

Though our third and final question specifically asks about CliftonLarsonAllen, it would be interesting to see if anyone has any numbers (guesses/shots in the dark/numbers removed from your backside also welcome) on other firms:

CliftonLarsonAllen: Is it true that 99.99% of its interns get full-time offers? I have an interview for an internship position, but I don't want to leave my current (crappy) job and then join the unemployed in April.. Any advice my kiddos?

Note one astute commenter has already pointed out that if our question-asker chooses to continue to use the term "kiddos," they may consider themselves in the .01%.

That's what we've got. I trust you all can take it from here.