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Accounting News Roundup: Lost and Found: MF Global Edition; Tax Prep Companies Helping with Insurance Enrollment; A Better Income Statement | 11.18.13

How MF Global's 'missing' $1.5 billion was lost — and found [Fortune]
Spoiler: It wasn't in Jon Corzine's couch cushins.

Why Not Use Tax Preparers as a Portal to Health Exchanges? [TaxVox]
It's not that crazy: "Jackson Hewitt is working with the online marketplace Getinsured to enroll people. Jackson Hewitt will calculate subsidies and potential penalties and, if customers choose, transmit that information to Getinsured. If the Jackson Hewitt customer wants to buy coverage, all she’ll need to do is pick an insurance plan. Jackson Hewitt can even fill out all the paperwork for people to enroll in Medicaid. It says it will not charge for any of these insurance-related services. Because Jackson Hewitt has 2800 locations in Walmart stores, it could be an especially important link to the uninsured."

Building a Better Income Statement [CFO]
Brought to you by a couple of dudes from McKinsey & Co.: "
If neither companies nor investors find GAAP-reported earnings useful, it’s clearly time for a new approach."

In Italy, High Payroll Taxes Stand in Way of Recovery [WSJ]
Mamma mia!

Breaking on Twitter:

Crystal meth shame of bank chief [DM]
And crack! And ketamine!

Toronto council poised to strip mayor of powers [AP]
Speaking of drugs…

The Worst Cars For Winter Ever [Jalopnik]
I drove a Ford Ranger, standard transmission, for a few winters here in Denver and let me tell you, I do not recommend it.

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