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Grant Thornton’s Latest Survey Reminds Everyone That Your Chances of Getting Another Job Are Still Pretty Slim

Thumbnail image for Grant-thornton-logo.JPGGrant Thornton’s national survey of financial executives shows that only 1 in 4 plan to increase hiring in the next six months. That’s not great news but what’s perplexing is that the meaningless highly regarded Grant Thornton LLP Business Optimism Index basically told us the same thing less than a month ago.
Does GT really have to repeat the obvious message that no one wants to hear? We get it. No one can leave their job that they hate for another job that they’ll hate less right now because no one is feeling spendy on new employees.
Oh but GT isn’t purely a purveyor of bad news. Only 10% of the financial bigshots surveyed expect things to get worse. Which is a relief but not particularly interesting since the Business Optimism Index pretty much said the same thing.
It appears that GT is hellbent on reminding everyone that while things certainly can’t get any worse, they’ll probably remain craptacular for the foreseeable future. Keep up the solid work GT, we’re looking forward to next month’s reminder.
National survey of senior financial executives finds only 1 in 4 plan to increase hiring in next 6 months [Press Release]