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Open Thread: Accounting Firm Outsourcing

outsourcing.jpgSince it’s been nearly a year since the Presidential election, the political football of outsourcing of jobs has all but been put away. It does remain a popular topic amongst accounting firms however as more and more works is sent offshore.
Now that the programs have been in place for awhile, the pressure to utilize the staff on the other side of the world seems to be increasing. This may free you up for more fantasy football or Perez Hilton but something tells us that’s not exactly what TPTB have in mind.
Plus there’s the whole time change thing. Maybe that’s NBD but staying up until 10 pm for a 30 minute meeting to coincide with your global counterparts doesn’t really strike as a party.
We’ve reached out to the Big 4 on this and we’ll update you with any responses we receive in a separate post.
For now we want your input and experiences. Is outsourcing working for your team? Does it even affect your team? Are the firms really concerned about new associates “doing more challenging tasks” or is this purely a cost saver? What do you make of the process on the other side of the blue marble? Are they being utilized effectively or are you dealing with impossible logistics? Okay that’s enough questions. Discuss.