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Footnotes: Thomson Reuters Chillin With EY; LOL IRS Vendors Owe Taxes; BKD’s Fraud Problem With the FDIC | 12.17.13

Thomson Reuters is selling part of themselves off to EY, this is cozy and cool we guess [PR]

NSA’s indiscriminate spying ‘collapsing,’ Snowden says in open letter RIO DE JANEIRO — National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden wrote in a lengthy “open letter to the people of Brazil” that he has been inspired by the global debate ignited by his release of thousands of documents, and that the NSA’s culture of indiscriminate global espionage “is collapsing.” [WaPo]

We might not have posted this before but Another71 did a free CPA exam survival guide you should probably check out if, you know, you're trying to survive the CPA exam, it's Adrienne approved and you can trust me because I come from CPA review (or something) [A71]

LOL, the IRS works with vendors that owe major back taxes? [Boston Herald]

DC raises its minimum wage. Lucky me, it's less than I make working for this website (not by much). DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE DC IS, BRO? [MSNBC]

Arkansas, actually, but close enough. Also, oh shit.

Three clowns got busted in a stupid ass mortgage scheme [Chicago Tribune]