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Footnotes: Accounting Firms By the Numbers; Lean In; Apple and Taxes (Again) | 11.13.13

Accounting firms by the numbers NO really, accounting by the numbers. Who of the firms are making the money? Check this chart and find out [Commercial Observer]

10 Things Sheryl Sandberg Gets Exactly Right In 'Lean In' This article is old but I'm writing a piece about women in leadership for the Maryland Association of CPAs and our own Amber Setter pointed me to this study and Sheryl's book for my article, so I figured you guys might like this [Forbes]

IRS Issues John Doe Summonses To Citibank, Chase, BoA, Mellon, HSBC—Tax Prosecutions Coming [Forbes]

Janet Yellen is having to defend herself to get past Congress, like they'll block her [NYT]

Oh no, Italy is getting butthurt on Apple about taxes [Reuters]

How much do you really get for the taxes you pay? Apparently CNN figured this out. [CNNMoney]

Former NHL player Bryan Berard and ex-cop help feds nail two Arizona men in massive fraud [NY Daily News]