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Joe Francis Can Now Get Back to ‘the Business at Hand’

Joe-Francis.jpgA judge has convinced ‘some brilliant legal minds’ and prosecutors with some slimy witnesses to reach a plea agreement in the Joe Francis tax case.
Francis’s original plan to argue that anything related to topless girls was obviously a ‘business expense’ was apparently too confusing for prosecutors to understand.
The defense attorneys also must have realized that Judge James Otero may have been on to something when he suggested that they settle before trial.
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Otero told prosecutors during a hearing earlier this summer that they should consider resolving the case before it went to trial. He had also questioned Francis’ ability to control himself in the courtroom during the trial, nearly sending him to jail when he learned that Francis had taunted a prosecutor.

Definitely a shocking revelation that Joe Francis wouldn’t be able to control himself, being the purveyor of class that he is. However, perhaps we judge to quickly as it sounds like he has grown through this whole ordeal, which included nearly a year in jail:

“The one thing I’ve learned about myself during this process is that I can be a difficult client, but they are a fantastic group of brilliant legal minds who recognized the truth when they saw it and had the passion to care about what happened to me,” Francis wrote in his statement.

The truth has been recognized, friends. We can all comfortably move on.
Plea deal ends ‘Girls Gone Wild’ founder tax case [AP via TaxProf Blog]