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Going Concern March Madness: More #BusySeasonProblems

Going Concern March Madness: #BusySeasonProblems got off to an exciting start yesterday. I trust you all would like to start voting in the Work and Potpourri brackets NOW, but please hear me out for two.

Busy season problems are real — whether it's your 3rd meal in a row from the vending machine or a co-worker surrounded by a cloud of B.O., accountants are suffering and they don't have to!

Or maybe they do? Maybe the plight of busy season problems are what makes accounting such a great field to pursue. It's the journey, not the destination, blah blah blah.

I love a good story, and maybe that's all busy season problems are, anecdotes that make us laugh, cry, or leave a career behind. What would we be if we didn't have Busy Season Problems? Happy, satisfied, productive members of society?! God, who wants that? 

It's so much more fun to commiserate over our shared despair, and this means we should embrace BSPs as a rite of passage until cloud software and robots eliminate every last accounting job on Earth. We should be thanking our lucky stars for every last busy season problem that plagues us. RIGHT? Who's with me?!  

Ah, screw it. That's enough with the preamble, let's get to the voting. First up, WORK.


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And, finally the Potpourri Region:

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.

We'll keep these polls open through the weekend and Round 2 rolling on Monday.

Here's the rest of the GCMMBSP schedule:
March 23 — Round 2
March 25 –Sweet Sixteen
March 27 — Elite Eight
March 30 –Final Four
April 1 — Championship

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