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Sandy Aftermath Open Thread: Who’s Working? Who’s “Working”? Who’s Dealing with Insane, Unreasonable Clients?

Okay, we're in the aftermath of Sandy and while I cruised around on my bike in sunny Colorado and Adrienne had to round up a single bucket for her leaky ceiling in Richmond as the storm came through, those of you from DC to Philly to NYC to Boston were caught up in the worst of it. While the offices of the major accounting firms were closed yesterday and many are still closed today, it's generally understood that you are still to be working if you are able. 

I mean, you're in the client service business after all, so duty calls come hell or high water. But when REALLY, REALLY, REALLY high water, crippled transit, lost power, trees blocking streets, school closings, downed power lines and any number of other awful things are involved, sometimes exceptions can be made. Of course, there are the clients that aren't dissuaded by a little rain or wind and the havoc they've caused who insist that whatever deadline you promised is met.

So as your post-Sandy Tuesday continues to unfold let us know how billable (or not) you are today and keep us updated with any unreasonable demands from bosses, clients, or that neighbor who is screaming that you get your tree off their car.