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Going Concern Editors’ Picks 2014

It's been a fun year for us around here, between the audit partner banging the chief accounting officer at the client and a certain acquisition that took up lots of our time and effort to smoke out. We successfully launched Open Items and wrapped up our awesome year crashing AccountingWEB Live. So all in all, not bad.

As is tradition, we humbly present our Editors' Picks for 2014. Just to remind you that the blonde-haired KPMG refugee who founded this website is still around, Caleb will be throwing his picks in as well, with a few bonus favorites for everyone to bicker over. Let's get to it.


Here's Your Authoritative Guide for Likening Game of Thrones to Public Accounting

The Ten Stages of Busy Season

15 Reasons Why EY's BuzzFeed Post Is a Bunch of Malarkey

Deloitte, Please Stop Trying to Be the Walmart of Professional Services

Anxious CPA Exam Candidates Crash NASBA Website, Blame NASBA

Ladies Still Need Entire Panels Made Up of Dudes to Talk About Ladies in the Profession

Finally, Someone Wrote an Article About Grooming Millennial Leaders That Isn't Completely Stupid

Commenter: Happy P.O.S. Accountant

Open Item: Why is the AICPA trying to devalue my CPA certification?


Contributor post: Exclusive: Inside the Mind of an Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner by Amber Setter

Excel tip from David: How to add poop to your spreadsheets

App: Tiny Tower Vegas


Pulling Back the Curtain on Making Partner in a Big 4 Firm

Before You Leave Public Accounting, Consider This

PwC Partner Was Not About to Let Some Petty Glassdoor Reviews Ruin His Thanksgiving

Life in Public Accounting: Expectations vs. Reality

Why the Big 4 Accounting Model is Everything Wrong With America

Public Accounting Positions, Ranked

Billable Hours vs. Value Pricing: Who Ya GOT?

Falling Off the Corporate Ladder (Literally): An Alternative Path to a Career in Accounting

Commenter/Troll: Tie between Barry Melancon (fake) and Chipman69

Open Item: Is technology going to replace you in a few years?


Contributor post: How To Not Tick Off Your Public Accounting Colleagues Without Being a Clown About It by Tony Nitti

Excel tip from David: How to prank your coworkers with Excel

App: In the spirit of Ron Baker [crosses self], I present three options; The completely unpractical: Untappd, Educational: Duolingo, Health: Quick 4

May you enjoy looking back on the year soon-to-be behind us as much as we enjoyed spending it with you.