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September 27, 2023

Editor’s Picks


Going Concern Presents: 2018 Going Concern Editor’s Picks

Ed. note: Due to this thing called a holiday, we’re on an even lighter than usual posting schedule. Barring any breaking news, expect shitposts for the remainder of the week. Love, AG It used to be tradition around these parts for Colin and I to gather round the virtual fireplace come the end of the […]

Going Concern Editor’s Picks for 2015: Relationships at Work, Bad Auditing, Women in Accounting and More

The News Roundup is taking the day off today so that we may bring you a quick refresher of the notable stories from the past year. Since motivation is in short supply this week, you'll forgive us if your favorite story didn't make the cut. Enjoy the recap. KPMG has "the talk" with its employeesBack […]

Going Concern Editors’ Picks 2014

It's been a fun year for us around here, between the audit partner banging the chief accounting officer at the client and a certain acquisition that took up lots of our time and effort to smoke out. We successfully launched Open Items and wrapped up our awesome year crashing AccountingWEB Live. So all in all, […]

Here Are the Going Concern Editor’s Picks for 2013

Happy New Year's Eve, capital market helpers. To quote another, "Everyone sober? Close enough."  We figured it was about time we dug up some stories from the past year that we, the Going Concern staff, found enjoyable. We have been slaving over a hot blog the entire year just for you and now we're going to reacquaint you […]

Zombie CPAs, Grant Thornton Temporary Tattoos, and Porn Stars: The Going Concern Editor’s Picks for 2012

I won't bother pinpointing the number of blog posts or the thousands of words I've written over the past year, but I'll just say that it was a lot. There's always something for everyone — gossip, Twitter trolling, money-envy and occasionally fringe-journalism will even find its way into these pages.  Anyway, we create so many […]