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year in review

Going Concern Presents: Our 10 Most Popular Posts of 2019

Well, you guys did it. You made it through another year. 2019 was a pretty crazy 12 months in the accounting profession, and we were glad to be along for the ride. This year we found out about KPMGers in the U.K. defecating in bathroom sinks. And we thought about who in accounting would survive […]


Going Concern Presents: 2018 Going Concern Editor’s Picks

Ed. note: Due to this thing called a holiday, we’re on an even lighter than usual posting schedule. Barring any breaking news, expect shitposts for the remainder of the week. Love, AG It used to be tradition around these parts for Colin and I to gather round the virtual fireplace come the end of the […]

Going Concern Editors’ Picks 2014

It's been a fun year for us around here, between the audit partner banging the chief accounting officer at the client and a certain acquisition that took up lots of our time and effort to smoke out. We successfully launched Open Items and wrapped up our awesome year crashing AccountingWEB Live. So all in all, […]

Going Concern Presents: Our Most Popular Posts of 2014

Is it 2015 yet? No? Well then, I guess we should crank out another year in review post before we bust out the champagne or nearest American knockoff. We present the following for your nostalgic pleasure: our most read posts for 2014. Compensation Hands down, the most read posts this year were compensation threads. EY […]

Going Concern Presents: The Worst of Auditing 2014

Another day, another "year in review best of" list. Except this list is actually the "worst of" 2014. It's been an exciting year for auditing. PCAOB inspection rates were some of the worst to date, and then there was that whole thing where an audit partner was banging the Chief Accounting Officer at the client's. […]

Going Concern Presents: The Top 5 Open Items of 2014

I know it seems like a long time ago but believe it or not, we launched Open Items this year. Crazy, huh? In the spirit of year in review posts, we humbly present our picks for the top 5 Open Items of 2014. Mind you, these are arbitrarily chosen by our team of keyboard ninjas […]