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FYI: The Guy Who Stabbed 14 People At a Texas College Wanted To Be an Accountant When He Grew Up

When laypeople think of accountants, we all know they generally picture green eye shade-wearing dorks, socially inept slobs and that bald asshole in the bowtie from those annoying H&R Block commercials. They likely do not picture a 20 year old "with bushy red hair and a goatee" who fantasized about stabbing people to death since elementary school:

Dylan Andrew Quick, described as a shy loner by neighbors, has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault, accused of jabbing and slicing people with a "razor-type knife," the Harris County Sheriff's Office reported late Tuesday. At least two people were critically wounded in the attack.

He told investigators that "he has had fantasies of stabbing people to death since he was in elementary school" and that "he has been planning this incident for some time," a sheriff's office news release said.

A recent profile of Dylan published just last week – which has since been removed (cache here) – described a young boy who was born deaf and fell in love with books:

Current LSC-CF student Dylan Quick has had a long association with Lone Star College – CyFair. Almost 21 years old now, Dylan first started coming to campus at the age of 12 when his mother Tiffany involved him in the library’s teen activities.  Initially reluctant to participate, Dylan was homeschooled and very shy, and Tiffany wanted him to be in a setting to socialize with other teens and also to be intellectually stimulated. Tiffany had removed Dylan from the public school system when the school placed him in a classroom for students with special needs. There, Dylan stagnated.
Dylan was born totally deaf and at the age of 7 received a cochlear implant. The first few years after receiving the implant, Dylan says that he was busy learning English, just as if he were an ESOL student.
During the first two years of Dylan’s participation in the library’s teen activities, he rarely spoke.  But after those two years it was if a floodgate had opened up and Dylan became loquacious, sharing his analyses of literature and socializing with his book club comrades. Dylan attributes his attendance at the two monthly teen book clubs (Classics for Home Schooled Teens and Contemporary Books for Everyone) and the weekly summer book groups, to an increase in his hearing and communication skills.
The post goes on to say Dylan decided to pursue a career in accounting and planned to transfer to the University of Houston after receiving his Associates from Lone Star College.
It would be pure conjecture at this point but can you imagine what just one busy season would have done to this troubled young man?