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EY Staffers Feel Left in the Dark After Death of Their Colleague Last Weekend

In the early hours of last Saturday, the body of a 27-year-old woman (note: she was incorrectly identified as 33 in early reports) was found at EY’s Sydney office and since then, questions have been raised about the events of the final hours of her life. Most reports say she went out for drinks with […]

FYI: The Guy Who Stabbed 14 People At a Texas College Wanted To Be an Accountant When He Grew Up

When laypeople think of accountants, we all know they generally picture green eye shade-wearing dorks, socially inept slobs and that bald asshole in the bowtie from those annoying H&R Block commercials. They likely do not picture a 20 year old "with bushy red hair and a goatee" who fantasized about stabbing people to death since […]