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Footnotes: Let’s All Add “If You’re Reading This Without Permission, You Suck” To Our Email Signatures | 04.10.13

Accounting Class Action Suits Plunged in 2012: Report [WSJ]

Palm City accountant charged with fraud to be sentenced May 30 [TCPalm]

Accountant gets prison term for stealing from client [The Progress]

The Obama budget as interpreted by FOX News, Bloomberg and the New York Times. It is unfortunate Andrew Breitbart is no longer with us to give us his interpretation.

IRS may be reading your email without a warrant, documents suggest [NBC News]

The IRS and Nonprofit Media [HuffPo]

Victims of Madoff fraud can't sue SEC: appeals court [Reuters]

Thief's mistake alerts lawmaker to tax fraud Perhaps also a lesson in why you don't mess with dudes named Bubba. [USA Today]

Oh and there's more on KPMG's horrible week just in case you haven't read enough about it yet.

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