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FT Offer Watch: Public Accounting Starting Salaries for the Class of 2014

We know those of you awaiting offers have been watching compensation threads tick by thinking to yourselves "man, I can't wait to get my offer and compare my salary to those of my fellow interns-turned-FTers in one big monetary weenie measuring contest on GC!" and day after day goes on with no one mentioning offers. But we hear they're coming:

Would it be possible to get a thread going with details of full-time offers that are going out to college seniors?

Since you ask so nicely, tipster… sure! We'd love to! No problemo!

We asked our tipster for a little more information since (s)he was kind enough to include an email address with the tip. We shall kick off this offer thread with our tipster's offer:

NY Metro
$57k in NY Metro? I know of a litter box in Queens you can rent for cheap, my friend. Naturally, we wanted to know how the tipster felt about this. Did (s)he receive other offers? Did (s)he hear anything from pals about comparable offers? We had to know.
I think the offer is kind of low, so I’m going to interview with a few other firms to get an idea of whether the salary is fair or not for the market (also the reason I’m interested in seeing other offers posted on GC).  I’m also still considering whether Assurance is the right line of service for me to be in.  Also if it matters – as an intern I was rated at ‘Exceeded Expectations’.
I haven’t received any other offers yet, but have been told by one other Big 4 firm that they’ll be sending me one soon.  I think only people who interned this summer have got offers already, so it will be interesting to see how the upcoming fall recruiting season works out.
Lastly, our tipster shares a little hearsay on other offers according to friends:
Tax: 69k
Audit: 57k
Advisory: 72k (+ signing bonus)
Additionally, apparently DC metro audit offers are around 56k.
Would anyone care to corroborate that information?
Here's the deal, let's stick with the preferred format. Give us: 1) your starting salary 2) your office 3) practice 4) signing bonus (if applicable) 5) Bonus for CPA (if applicable) and, of course, any feelings you may have about that. Of course, we always like to hear if you got multiple offers or told them to take the offer and stick it where the PCAOB don't inspect.
If you are exceptionally annoyed by your offer, dejected by your lack of an offer, or trying to decide between multiple offers, head on over to Open Items and post your quandary there. Going Concern readers are standing by to assist you.