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Footnotes: Deloitte’s Foot Fetish; The PCAOB’s Struggle; Getting Productive | 08.21.14

Regulators Struggle With Conflicts in Credit Ratings and Audits Floyd Norris uses air quotes: "Few businesses have more obvious conflicts of interest than those that involve the issuing of 'objective' and 'independent' reports and opinions about companies that pay for those reports and opinions." [NYT]

Did you people not learn your lesson the first time? [Twitter]

A day in the life of an accountant Up by 4am, in bed by 8pm [Business Insider]

The Most Productive People Know Who to Ignore The key, says the article, is to treat your life like an emergency room. Some people need to be patched up immediately while others can writhe in pain for a bit. [HBR]

Deloitte is about that sock game [Twitter]

New York, California reap mini-bonanza from Bank of America settlement [Reuters]

U.S. Judge Says Argentina's Debt Swap Proposal Is Illegal Like that's ever stopped a government before [WSJ]