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EHH too comfy at work need some Advice for career

I joined a local CPA firm right after school and have been wih the firm for 2.2 years. I am still working on CPA license:(   Hopefully will pass all of it in 6 months:)   our firm is kinda laid back. we donot really have a lot of  crazy hours and normally 8  hours a day.  but compensation is a lot less than the numbers people post here. a little over 50k for now:(  i am gettting too comfy here. recently feel a sense of guilty that i am living a too easy life.i feel like i can do much more with my master's degree.  Being in a small firm, i am dealing moslty with small businesses's payroll/bookkeeping/tax returns/busines license/sales tax/property  tax statement. I am not sure about what i am going to do after i get my CPA license.  Should  I continue to stay with the firm and possibly get promoted from within or  apply for a bigger CPA firm or prive companies or??? . Someone please give me some advice. thank you in advance.  I appreciate it.