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This Is a Friendly Reminder to Take the Going Concern Jobs Survey and Enter for a Chance to Win an iPad Mini

Hey, everyone. Colin here. Mind if I pull you away from your spreadsheets for a bit? No, you don't mind. 

Last Friday we announced that Going Concern Jobs would be gracing the Internet with its presence in the very near future. Of course, before we jump into anything we like to check with you all because we care what you think. "Oh sure," you might be saying to yourself, "Like, the Going Concern fatcats would spend any of their time listening to us."

I've more or less quit posting about Grover Norquist, haven't I? Adrienne doesn't talk about her field trips to Maryland any more, does she? 

The responses have been good so far, but we're anxious to hear more, so go take the survey if you haven't already and enter your email address for a chance to win an iPad Mini. Have you ever won anything? You should try it sometime, it's fun.

You'll have until Sunday night at 11:59 pacific time, which is right around the time the PwC Oscar auditors will be passing out at the Vanity Fair party. We'll draw a name and contact the winner on Monday.

And since you're probably curious as to what other people have told us so far, here's a sampling of the feedback: 

Cater to the few, not the masses, if you're going to differentiate from the job mills like careerbuilder, don't just take any old position for your board, and offer a higher level of service than norm.
Some aren't quiet sure what jobs they are qualified for:
As I'm searching for jobs, I'm not sure what kinds of jobs I'm qualified for. It would be helpful if you had some kind of forum or post about what kinds of jobs people that were associates, seniors, managers, etc. got once they left public acctg.
There's money, of course:
More transparent salary information
No imaginary jobs:
No BS job listings. Should be a real, open position listed. I don't want to respond to a recruiter's fake ad to get me in their office.
Who are these so-called employers?
More information provided on potential employers — relating to company culture, employee satisfaction, etc.
And, yes, there are even a few words about recruiters:
Generally, Recruiters often have the attention-span of a butterfly on crack…they should spend a bit more time making sure the applicant/firm is a good fit rather than the amount of their bounty; er, um – commission.
What's missing? Go take the survey and tell us. Thanks for your continued support of Going Concern.