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A Word About Commenting While Driving: Don’t

We've had many discussions about being responsible commenters on this site. And by responsible I mean, "be insightful or funny or, preferably both."  Most of you attempt to adhere to our guidelines and if you don't, Adrienne puts you in the corner. Pretty simple.

What we haven't discussed is responsibility about where you are making these comments. At work is fine. At home is fine. In the stall after lunch is fine. What we do not condone or appreciate is commenting while behaving recklessly or stupidly. Don't comment while walking down the street. Don't comment under ladders. Don't comment while operating heavy machinery. Some of you will no doubt ignore these common sense guidelines and we can't stop you. But know this – you may just find yourself in an unfortunate situation:
To whom it may concern,
I was posting to the [Big 4 firm] salary page, while I was driving, and accidently clicked post to my salary which included my real name.
Could you please change it to guest, it will not let me edit it.
We're feeling conflicted about this because on the one hand, we all make mistakes but on the other, we need to nip this in the bud. We can't get Mayor Bloomberg to weigh in on this so we thought best to take the lead from you – sorta like Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator. Does this commenting while driving reader deserve to live or die, friends? Discuss.
Oh, and (s)he used their work email address to contact us. So there's that.