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Robert Half’s Guide To Getting Hired in 2014 (Or, Alternatively, How Not to Totally Blow It)

Robert Half recently posted some rules for getting hired this year, most of which should be really obvious to anyone with even 3/10ths of a functioning brain but hey, I guess we need to cover all the bases.


  1. Be prepared for the interview: Research the company and explore its website and social media presence. Here you will find priorities a particular company has set within the last 12 months, including hiring trends, acquisitions and new developments, which could come up during the interview. Being studious will show your future employer your eagerness and work ethic.
  2. Be courteous and professional: This pertains to everyone you come in contact with when interviewing at the company. Many times the decision maker will reach out to even the receptionist to solicit their opinion of you.
  3. Mirroring: Be aware of your tone and body language relative to the person or persons you are addressing. Just don't go overboard trying to match the interviewer's movements. 


  1. Dress in unprofessional attire: Your first impression will translate to performance and fit for the company. This is the time to be modest and not show your flair
  2. Get too personal: An extensive history about your work transitions or derogatory comments about past managers could negatively affect you. Give short, honest answers and move on.
  3. Be late: Arrive timely – not 30 minutes early or one minute late but about 10 minutes in advance, unless you are advised to arrive even earlier to fill out an application.
  4. Air your dirty laundry on social media: Once a potential employer does a search – all of those Tweets, Facebook comments and LinkedIn recommendations will come to light. Be sure all of your privacy securities are set to friends only or those you trust.

How many times do people need to be told social media asshattery can come back to bite them squarely on the hashtag? Privacy settings will only help you so much, just ask the idiot kid who posted about a drunken hit and run. It wasn't the fact that his post was public but that his friends — appropriately — snitched him out to authorities.

Remember when doing your research not to mention any derogatory comments you read about your prospective employer on Going Concern. In fact, just don't mention us at all. Yeah, just don't.