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Footnotes: Did You Evade Taxes Today?; Madoff CFO Says It Was Obvious; BlackBerry LIIIIIVES | 12.02.13

The Supreme Court decided to stay out of the fight over online sales taxes [Bloomberg]

Longtime accountant of a Princeton musical-comedy troupe accused of embezzling $100k from said Princeton musical-comedy troupe [NYT Arts Beat]

The accountant who stole "lunch money" was considered untouchable by colleagues, which may be why she got away with stuffing cash into her bra for so long [San Bernardino Sun]

And headline of the day goes to… Punching bag IRS unscathed in Obamacare rollout, so far [POLITICO]

Cyber Monday is the best day of the year for tax evasion! [Taxgirl via Forbes]

Whelp, there goes my plot to marry my lesbian lover to put myself in a better tax position… [Salon]

Bernie Madoff's former CFO — who is attempting to jump out of the fire and back into the frying pan to save his own tail — says the sham was pretty obvious [Bloomberg]

A small town CPA took out an ad in his local paper to let people know Obamacare will, like, kill people and stuff [Daily Miner]

Unilever broke up with PwC after 27 years, is going to rebound with KPMG. Best of luck, you two! [The Independent]

BlackBerry assures me and the one other BlackBerry owner on the planet that it is still very much alive. STAY STRONG, BROTHER, WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS [CNET]