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Friday Footnotes: Ulterior Motives in Excess Parental Leave; Corporate Apologies; A New Book on the Big 4 | 08.14.15

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Tech’s Selfish Reasons for Offering More Parental Leave [Wired]

Longform Podcast #152: Carol Loomis In the first 10 minutes, the 60-year veteran of Fortune magazine said that in her early days she "picked up accounting very easily." [Longform]

Petrobras to take $576 mln Q3 charge for back taxes [Reuters]

Dewey Witness Says She Helped Stifle Alarms Over Accounting [TAL]

The Organizational Apology [HBR]

Our pal Jim Peterson wrote a book entitled "Count Down — The Past, Present and Uncertain Future of the Big Four Accounting Firms" [Re:Balance]

4 Surprising Signs You Should Fix Your Current Job Instead of Quitting [The Muse]