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Footnotes: Your Baby’s Stupid Name and Other Regrettable Choices | 07.13.12

In China, Little Urge to Audit the Auditors [NYT]

Bankruptcy and fudged accounting in San Bernardino [Reuters]

Wasendorf Fraud At Peregrine Lasted 20 Years, U.S. Says [Bloomberg]

CEO Of Collapsed Brokerage Firm Unable To Conceal Sense Of Pride In Explaining How High-Level Scam Went Down [DB]

Taxing the Rich, and Missing the Point The President’s proposal to temporarily extend the tax cuts for the middle class may have been smart election politics; I don’t know. What I do know is that it would help perpetuate a tax system – for which the Republicans share equal blame – that is unfair and unsustainable. Now, how does that protect any of us in the middle class in the long run? Like a lot of other things in our tax code now, it's a ruse. [Christopher Bergin]

American Baby Names Are Somehow Getting Even Worse [Deadspin]