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Footnotes: Young Folks and Obamacare; Busy Season Problems; Plastic Bags, Meh | 01.13.13

Ed. note: forgive the brief FN or don't, I'm preparing for CPA Day in Maryland this week all while trying to rescue a cat or two from the NYC shelter with Colin MIA in the UK with TPTB leaving me holding this bag all on my own. So here's what you get, if you have a problem with it COME AT ME.

Young people are like "meh, Obamacare" [FOX]

Food for thought from B4V:

Some accountant in Idaho sees "tax challenges" ahead [Capital Press]

Taxes on severance pay? What the what? [Reuters]

My hometown of DC has a plastic bag problem [The Hill]

The FBI is bad at Twitter? Welcome to our world, we've been trying to get PwC to ditch the hashtags for YEARS [Gawker]