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Footnotes: Madoff Who?; When SEC Guys Get Angry; ALIENS! | 05.16.14

Former SAC Capital Manager Steinberg Sentenced to Three and a Half Years [BBW]

Over a quarter of college-educated investors have no idea who Bernie Madoff is []

Goldman Shareholders Give Pay Plan a Thumbs Up [DealBook]

Oh, this happened [Twitter]

Oh, and our pal Jon Weil is leaving Bloomberg. Have a sad with us [Twitter]

Pinterest is now valued at $5 billion. How? Who cares, check out this gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate wedding cake! [Digits via WSJ]

Why work at Deloitte when you can quit your job and be a DJ? [HuffPo]

Accountant for Nifty Fifty's indicted in tax scheme An accountant for the Nifty Fifty's restaurant chain has been indicted in a tax-evasion scheme that federal prosecutors say hid millions of dollars from the Internal Revenue Service. An indictment unsealed today charges 58-year-old William J. Frio, of Springfield Township, with conspiracy, filing false returns, loan fraud, and aggravated structuring of financial transactions. []

Congress Critters are considering using private debt collectors to hound tax deadbeats [WaPo]

Aliens might be trying to holla [Daily Mail]