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Footnotes: The Last Crumb; Focus Turns to Madoff Son; GT’s Dynamic Growth | 07.08.14

You can buy "the last Crumbs cupcake" for $1000 [USA Today]

Accountant's plea signals more possible scrutiny of Madoff son U.S. prosecutors may still be building a case against imprisoned swindler Bernard Madoff's only surviving son, who according to sources was one of the "co-conspirators" mentioned in a plea deal by a Madoff associate last month. Two sources familiar with the Madoff case confirmed to Reuters that people identified only as "co-conspirators" in statements and court documents at accountant Paul Konigsberg's June 24 plea hearing are Madoff's sons, Mark and Andrew, who were employees of the Madoff investment firm. [Reuters]

In case of emergency, accountants flying to cloud It's safer than the, uh, not the cloud [Long Island Business News]

Fitch: full adoption of IFRS in the U.S. unlikely Three joint, or former joint, FASB/IASB projects remain outstanding; financial instruments, insurance, and lease contracts. Differences in financial products between U.S. institutions and those following IFRS, as well as differences in application meant that a one-size-fits-all accounting approach for financial instruments was problematic. Furthermore, on the insurance front there were a number of concerns raised by U.S. constituents, including that the proposal would ensnare both insurance and non-insuring issuers. These considerations resulted in the joint insurance project also falling by the wayside. [BusinessWire]

Grant Thornton appointments target growth in south west [Accountancy Age]