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Footnotes: Facebook CFO Out; A Troll Looking to Expand Trolling to Hedge Fund | 04.23.14

Facebook Beats Earnings Estimates; CFO Steps Down [FOXBusiness]

Colorado is still trying to figure out how to spend those pot taxes [CBS] is learning the hard way that people care more about price than brand loyalty In states where Amazon, the largest online retailer, has been forced to begin charging sales tax, households decreased their expenditures on Amazon by 9.5 percent and by 24 percent on purchases of more than $299, according to a new study by Ohio State University researchers. Although bricks-and-mortar retailers and state governments pushed for Amazon to collect sales tax, they did not necessarily benefit. Sales increased only 2 percent at local stores, but rose nearly 20 percent at competing online retailers that do not charge sales tax. For expensive purchases, the rivals saw a 24 percent increase. [UpShot via NYT]

Are we getting a little too greedy about charging "greedy" Wall Streeters with insider trading? [Bloomberg View]

Accounting rules unravel the mysteries of Britain’s economy [FT]

Your grocery bill may be higher, thanks inflation! [Reuters]

Notorious Troll Says He Will Create Trolly Hedge Fund Called "TRO LLC" Is this why Big4Veteran has been MIA lately? [Gawker]