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Footnotes: Europe Sucks More Than Us; This Stupid IRS Scandal Rages On; Forbes Shills For Some Stocks | 05.31.13

Old Economy Steve is one of the best new memes out there. And he said this. [quickmeme]

5 Cheap Stocks With No Accounting Gimmicks [Forbes]

Apparently a lot of people are mad at the IRS lately after that whole Tea Party thing. Put on your outrage hat and let's party! [FOX]

Richmond Tea Party sues IRS, Obama administration Go home team! [NBC 12]

Did IRS chief really visit White House 157 times? I tried to tell you… [CNN]

And still more CNN coverage on the "IRS scandal," you have the IRS requesting documents from their own people. [CNN]

Ireland rejects U.S. senator claims as tax spat rumbles on [Reuters]

To tax or not? The NFL's relationship with the IRS [USA Today]

CHART OF THE DAY: Euro Unemployment Hits Its Worst Level Ever Yeah, sucks to be them I guess [Business Insider]

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