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Footnotes: Auditor Liability in the Dixon Fraud; Stealing From Girl Scouts; HP Thinks Dell Has a Tough Road Ahead | 02.05.13

Auditor Liability for the Dixon Fraud – Scape-Goat Hunting in the Courthouse [Re:Balance]

This guy got five years for stealing $100k from the Girl Scouts of Orange County. That's about 25,000 (or so) boxes of Tagalongs. [OCW]

The HP communications team must not see the irony in mocking Dell. [CNN]

Can the Income Tax Fund the Government We Want? Probably not. [TaxVox/TPC]

Waters pressing for hearing on end of foreclosure review program [The Hill]
Six Finance Jobs Ripe for Hiring in 2013 There's some complying, asset managing, and risking to be had. [CFO]
Fatal shooting tied to quarrel over dog feces [FWST]


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