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Diligent CPA Exam Candidate Bamboozled By Cute, Low-Quality Swedish Desk

I'm sure we all have a piece or twenty of cheap-ass IKEA furniture in our homes so I'm not going to judge this CPA exam candidate's choice of home furnishings, though I do question using the logic of "it had flowers and butterflies" as a qualifier when purchasing any good other than body glitter when you're 12.

Apparently a handful of IKEA glass desk owners have had the misfortune of their quality-crafted item spontaneously bursting into a bazillion tempered pieces. One such owner spent many an hour studying for the CPA exam at hers before she came home to find that it had basically exploded:

One of the CPSC reports came from Honey Grove resident Kayla Hall.  She came home from work several weeks ago to find her IKEA glass desk had spontaneously shattered.  Pieces were everywhere, she said, in every corner of the room, on top of other furniture and even in the hallway.

 “Pieces had gone under the door into the closet, which is across the room.  Anywhere it could get, it pretty much was,” Hall said.

Hall bought the desk months before, which was black and clear with images of butterflies and flowers, at IKEA in Frisco. 

“IKEA had the best prices,” said Hall. “And I liked the style of the things they had.  And when I saw that desk it had the flowers and the butterflies.  I thought this it’s cute. It’s girly. I like it.”

Hall spent hours every day studying at the desk for her CPA exam.  She said she was thankful no one was home, her dogs were in their crates and no one was injured when the desk broke.

It is unclear what section she was studying for at the time.

Hall states she will not go with glass again when she replaces her shattered desk.

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