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EY Finally Embraces the Disruptive Technology That is Microsoft Outlook

This is the biggest news to come out of EY! since the big rebranding:

To:     US Personnel    March 21, 2014
 From:  Xxxxx, Xxxxxxx, Americas Administration Leader
Microsoft Outlook deployment begins in the US
I’m very pleased to announce that on April 7, 2014 the US firm will begin migrating to Microsoft Outlook, replacing Lotus Notes for email, contacts and calendar. Later this year we will move to Microsoft Lync for instant messaging, replacing Sametime. This is part of the Messaging and Collaboration (M&C) program underway around the world that will enable us to connect, interact and collaborate with each other and our clients in a totally different way.

About Outlook
Outlook is a different system entirely, so naturally it will look and function a bit differently from Lotus Notes. This means a few changes for all of us, which will be explained in communications you’ll receive in the
coming weeks. Your move to Outlook will not require you to turn in your computer to IT, but there are some actions you’ll need to take ahead of your move. These will be explained to you in detail in communications you'll receive from the M&C Communications mailbox.

The deployment will be by sub-service line and CBS function, so there will be a transition period during which some people will be using Outlook while others are still on Lotus Notes. The communications you receive will provide information to help you through this coexistence period while we're working
across the two systems.

Closer to your time to move to Outlook, you’ll receive a communication asking you to prepare. Note that only under very exceptional circumstances are we able to accommodate changes in move dates.
Outlook is a user-friendly system, and the way it integrates with the other Microsoft products will bring some great new features. You can learn more about Outlook and the M&C program on the M&C CHS.

Please watch for further information that will alert you to when your deployment begins.

In other news, EY is looking to replace paper ledger books by 2025 and will no longer be their official search engine by 2030. Any staff currently using ICQ as their messenger program should look forward to the transition to AIM within the next 15 years. If you have any questions, please reach out to EY on Myspace.

This change has been in the works for awhile but that didn't stop EY from holding back its BlackBerry users from embracing the most current version of the most ancient OS out there for fear of Lotus incombatibility last year.

Welcome to 2003, EY! Sorry, PwC, looks like you guys are last to the party, so keep on keepin' on with those Lotus Notes.