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Footnotes: Save the Date for the SEC; Where the Ladies At?; GT’s UK Plans | 03.24.14

Grant Thornton will be hosting the "Cracker from Caracas" in Dublin this week [Irish Times]

Didya know: the cloud is New Zealand's third biggest export [Reuters]

Former acting IRS commissioner Danny Werfel has moved on to greener pastures [AT]

I will unfortunately be in meetings and traveling that day, but you might be interested in checking out the SEC Cybersecurity Roundtable on Wednesday [SEC]

Caterpillar Previews Tax Defense for April Senate Hearing [Bloomberg]

Former Madoff associates found guilty of fraud [Reuters]

Scott Walker just made Grover Norquist's Monday [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

No, you can't tweet the IRS with your 1040 [Forbes]

PCAOB board member Jeanette Franzel wants to know where da chicks at? [PCAOB]

Grant Thornton looks to the cloud to grow in the UK [ComputerWeekly]

Heyyyyy pretty soon you will be able to chat with the person sitting right next to you using your iPhone with NO CELL SIGNAL! THE FUTURE! [Gizmodo]