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Experienced Hire – Negotiating with B4

I recruited straight out of school into a B4. The game at that level is pretty easy: take whatever they offer. Now, with a couple years of experience and being a senior, I'm thinking about testing the waters to see what the market will bear with another B4 firm. So, as it relates to a lateral trasnfer to another B4 at the same level, can anyone speak to the process of working out compensation? Do the firms play a take it or leave it approach similar to campus hires (I find it hard to believe)? Do they really work back and forth to settle on a salary? Do they lead with signing bonuses? Can you negotiate one if they don't or increase it if they do? Is it verbal negotiation or Is it an emailed offer letter followed by a counter offer? How much pull do the HR folks who you deal with have vs. the partner who inevitably approves the deal? Anyone have any general suggestions?