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Do Accountingfly[paper] Job Postings catch anything but dust?

So, I see the weekly Accountingfly Job of the Week postings, which conveniently you aren't permitted to comment on, and I have never a single time thought "Wow, that sounds like a sweet gig."  They tend to be random, small firms spaced around the country and tend to be looking for someone with greater experience than what the title offered indicates.  Are these all just firms who are tired of posting on Craigslist Want Ads?  Or has anyone out there seen one of these and thought "Hot damn, baby needs a new pair o' shoes!" and rolled the dice?  I guess my biggest issue is I feel the purpose of the job listings and what not was to really provide an avenue for people who are interested in seriously job hunting, but it's ended up just being something akin to a small market job source that one would be lucky to stumble across.  Am I just cynical?  Does anyone else expect more from these postings?