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Deloitte ERS – Business Risk?

Hey guys, 

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to provide some insight into the Deloitte ERS Business Risk service line. 

I was recently extended an ERS (business risk) offer. The job description sounds interesting for sure but I've been looking around online and I am having trouble finding quality information on which I can base a decision. 

If anyone with any experience or insight could please elaborate on:

  • 1) What does a business risk associate do (internal controls and sox testing?)
  • 2) Are there any opportunities for strategic risk management engagements as you become more experienced?
  • 3) What exactly are the typical exit opportunities (internal audit?) 
  • 4) Does audit provide more upward mobility after exiting to industry?
  • 5) Would you guys recommend Business Risk over Core Audit?

I am hoping for a position in which I'll (1) be exposed to to a variety of clients, (2) learn quickly, and (3) be capable of linking my experiences and knowledge base to formulate effective business solutions pertaining to strategic and operational risk. 

I really enjoyed my ERM courses but I am beginning to think that what I learned in class was mostly management consulting and not ERS. In the long run, I am very much interested in corporate strategy and management (I assume MBA will be required).  Is Business Risk a good fit? Or should I opt for core audit?