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Davenport University Guarantees Employment for Accounting Students

Well, this is interesting. Davenport University in Grand Rapids, Michigan announced that it will guarantee employment for its accounting students. If, by some chance, someone doesn't get a job in six months of graduating, (s)he can get up to 48 more credits from the university, tuition-free. That's a value of nearly $30,000.

Students would have to cover the cost of fees, books and meet a slew of conditions including a 3.0 GPA, be willing to relocate to "a new market," be in good financial standing with university, completed an internship etc. etc. All the details about the employment guarantee can be seen here

The employability of accounting graduates hasn't really been an issue up to this point but I suppose offering a job guarantee might get a few more asses in the seats. 

Any Davenport grads out there want to testify to the program? Any firms out there got unspoken arrangements to take the poor souls who can't land a job elsewhere? We'd love to hear some reactions to this.

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