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Got an offer and accepted, have a bad grade(s) in Intermediate accounting.

So I recently got and accepted a full-time offer in Advisory at a Big 4 firm. My overall GPA is a 3.35 and major GPA is 3.6. In the Fall of 2013 I took Intermediate Accounting II and got a C-. I had some family issues at home, worked part-time, and was involved in 2 on-campus organizations as a Vice President for both. Valid excuses or not, this next part is what I'm worried about. In Spring 2013 I re-took the class looking to improve the grade and ended up with a D. This time I was a Tax intern at a small CPA firm during tax season, was still heavily involved as Vice-President for 2 business/accounting orgs, but admittedly, also didn't take the class very serious (missed class, a couple quizzes) because I was busy with work/orgs and I thought, hey, I already took it once, this should be easy.

My question is, when the firm asks for my most updated transcripts and sees this grade, would they revoke my offer? I am taking it for a 3rd time in the Fall, looking to get nothing short of an A. As evidenced by my GPA, I can and will do it. All of my other grades in accounting courses are B or higher, including Advanced Accounting which I took at the same time as my 2nd stint in Intermediate II. Should I be worried? Because I am.