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Ghost Recruiters?

Ed. note: Here’s one from a reader who’s wondering if ghosting on candidates is becoming a thing. If you have trouble posting a question or discussion, email [email protected].

Dear seasoned professionals,

I always felt professional head hunters were more “sloppy” when it came to following up with candidates and keeping them updated on an interview process. Meaning, “I’ll update you within a week or two” really means: “I’ll get back to you if we move forward, otherwise, I won’t bother closing the loop with you.” However, I’ve noticed in the last 4-5 years the internal recruiters of companies are starting to display this type of behavior/habit. Even worse, internal recruiters are more likely not to respond to follow ups. This is based on personal experience from other people in the field. This is even the case for manager/manager+ type roles and candidates.

I would imagine internal recruiters would be better at getting back to interested candidates with good or bad news either way. I feel leaving a candidate hanging and not even answering a follow up e-mail just reflects the professional and company poorly. Apparently that doesn’t outweigh a headhunters desire to retain a relationship for future roles.


What ever happened to professional decency over the years? or was this the norm all along?