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CPA Exam prep schedule

Hello GC,

   First off, I like to say thank you for your wonderful service through this website. Despite this being my first question, I have been following this website frequently since I first heard of it during my winter audit internship of 2013 at a Big 4. My goal is to get done as much even all of the cpa exam done before busy seaon starts (mainly to get it done within one year for the first year bonus with a month or two to spare) . I am concern if this is a realistic expectation for me or no. So far I have two planned for the summer, I am taking BEC this monday and plan on studying FAR and take it end of August. I start work september 15th, and I would like to try to study Audit during september (take it beginning of October). Therefore study REG mid October to November and take it a week before thanksgiving. My biggest concern for taking Audit and Reg during the fourth quarter is that I will be starting work and trying to get a realistic expectation to realize if studying two cpa parts, starting a full time job in audit and somewhat having a social life is manageable. I would highly appreciate any input you might have- thank very much.