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Footnotes: Deloitte NOT In Sex Trafficking Business; An Insane 4th of July; Cheaters! | 07.03.14

Ed. note: we are cutting out early for the holiday because God forbid I sprain a pinky overexerting myself with a three day weekend ahead. We may poke our heads in tomorrow to see what's up but probably not. Any lonely souls in RVA are welcome to hit me up to check out fireworks from my primo riverfront rooftop (BYOB, natch). Stay billable, my friends.

Sam Antar is getting in the 4th of July spirit [Twitter]

I keep hearing horror stories about the hours in public accounting, is it really as terrible as people make it out to be? Please help this person. [Reddit]

Jailed: High flying accountant who led double life as sex trafficker Remember this guy? Yeah, Deloitte fired him. "A Deloitte spokesperson said: 'Kunal Chaudhary is a former employee of the firm. The police have made it clear that these terrible offences were not in any way connected with his employment at Deloitte. As soon as the charges were confirmed he was suspended without pay and following his conviction he was summarily dismissed without notice.'" [Manchester Evening News]

Lawmakers turn to stealth tax measures “Making cheaters pay their taxes is way more attractive than making honest taxpayers pay more,” said Len Burman, head of the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. [POLITICO]

Bitcoin pioneer calls for regulatory guidance from EU [Reuters]

Female PepsiCo CEO on why women CAN'T have it all, 'but you cope' So there you go [Daily Mail]