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CPA Exam Overlords Seeking Input From New CPAs on How to Improve the Exam

As we know, the AICPA is deep into a practice analysis which will change the CPA exam as you know it. They are consulting experts, educators, concerned volunteers, and the magical little gnomes that live inside Prometric computers just so your experience is slightly less awful.

Now we've learned, per a tipster, the AICPA is also reaching out to people recovering from their recent CPA exam experiences. Because who better than freshly-minted CPAs to share their feelings on the exam with the folks who oversee it?

Here's the email, maybe you got one:

Invitation to Participate in Uniform CPA Examination Focus Group

The AICPA invites you to participate in a focus group that will be used to update the Uniform CPA Examination.  We are conducting a large scale research project, known as a practice analysis, to update the Examination to ensure it remains at the forefront of the accounting profession.  As part of our research, the AICPA is requesting input from various stakeholder groups regarding the knowledge and skills necessary to become a licensed CPA.

A 2 ½-hour focus group will be held with newly licensed CPAs in public accounting on [date].  The meeting will be held at one of three times (8:30 am – 11:00 am, 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm, or 4:30 – 7:00 pm) depending on participant availability. The focus group will be held at [place].

As a newly licensed CPAs, you have first-hand understanding of the work that they perform, and the knowledge and skills required to perform such work.  During the focus group, we would like you to draw upon your experiences to inform us of the areas where you feel newly licensed CPAs must be proficient, where they are well prepared, and where they may be deficient.  Your insight into these matters is valuable to maintaining the excellence of the CPA credential.

A $150 honorarium will be provided for your time and travel.

If selected to participate, we will contact you with further information.

Thank you for your consideration.  Your time and attention to this matter is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to hearing your input.

The AICPA Examinations Team

$150 to sit around and complain about the CPA exam? I can think of at least fourteen dozen forum regulars off the top of my head who would stab one another for such an opportunity.

Our tipster stated they immediately accepted the invitation and would like the GC faithful to offer some suggestions as to how best to troll inform the AICPA how the CPA exam can be improved. Surely you have some ideas?