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Footnotes: Best BYE!; Bitcoin’s Latest Market; Keep Up the Good Work Senate Finance Committee | 01.16.14

DIE, Best Buy, die! I mean, that's not a threat, I'm just saying if you're going to die anyway… I am not bitter considering my previous terrible experiences with Best Buy or anything but LATER, SUCKAS!! [Bloomberg]

Singapore and the UK are going to hold hands and be pals. Globalization, yay! [Accounting Today]

Two accounting firms have formed to create "The Pun Group," which I think Colin would want to work for if he still wanted to work in public [My Desert]

Yo, Senate Finance Committee, keep up the good work! The AICPA likes what you're up to. [AICPA]

Felix Salmon has some ideas about why banks aren't lending to future homedebtors [Reuters]

The NSA has a lot of sexting to catch up on. Let's wave, kids! [BBC]

Porn and Bitcoin are a fantastic combo, apparently. Wait, who actually pays for porn? [The Guardian]

Bernanke Says QE Works While Posing No Immediate Bubble Risk [Bloomberg]

Oh great, now the IRS scandal is the DoJ's fault? PLEASE. JUST. STOP. [Fox]

A $5 Billion U.S. Fraud Case Against Standard & Poor's Enters Critical Phase [BB]