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Confidential to Clients: You Better Act Right, You’re Getting Graded Now

woman showing off an F grade on exam

With tax season behind us, clients now have a whole year to work on finding a new tax preparer if theirs dipped out on them in the past year or two. You see, firms finally got the “charge what you’re worth” memo and have been shedding bad clients to free up scarce resources for the good ones. And that’s a good thing. God I hate when trash websites use “and that’s a good thing.” Sorry. But it is.

Among the #TaxTwitter trends we’ve witnessed of late — like enforcing proper onboarding and not proceeding with the relationship if the prospective client can’t bother to complete it — a new one is emerging. Faced with staffing shortages, firms are taking the unconventional approach of turning away work that isn’t worth the trouble.

Exhibit A:

Sucks for clients but great for the overworked professionals who serve them. Don’t say you weren’t warned, clients.

One thought on “Confidential to Clients: You Better Act Right, You’re Getting Graded Now

  1. We are absolutely taking the same approach. We have clients that take months to pay our fees and don’t provide the documentation necessary to complete financials. Clients that think they have carte bkanche to call 4 times a day or show up unanniunced. We are cleaning house!

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